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McGrath Projects - Queensland working in conjunction with SchwartzWilliams Pty Ltd, collectively “the agent” has prepared this website as a means of conveying marketing material regarding the sale of Rivera Brisbane townhouses. It is not a valuation or intended to be relied upon by any person as such (including in support of any financing application). The Agents do not provide valuation services and do not provide valuation expertise. All marketing material can involve strong elements of intuition and prediction and must be fluid and responsive to a variety of factors including:

  • Vendor requirements
  • Economic cycling
  • Financial market and borrowing cost fluctuations
  • Demographic changes
  • Alteration in public tastes and styles of stock for which demand is sustainable
  • Oversupply of stock in region or market layer
  • Impact of alteration of planning or other laws
  • Competing / similar properties in the vicinity of the site
  • Seasonal trends
  • Delays in realisation due to (e.g.) building disputes
  • Volatility of building costs.

“The Agent” reserves the right to revise this website at any time based on the need to meet market factors and vendor requirements.

Prospective purchasers are strongly advised to make their own enquiries as to whether any listing price is inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

Information and figures contained in this website have been obtained from the vendor. We have not independently checked and verified any of the information we merely pass it on for your reference. We make no comment on and give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained in this website which does not constitute all or any part of any offer or contract. Zoning and land area details are as provided by the vendor and are subject to confirmation.

This website is provided as a preliminary opinion only. It does not represent a formal valuation and should not be relied upon or treated as such.

We advise that “the agent”, is not a Registered Valuer and strongly recommend you seek professional advice from a Registered Valuer.

We reserve the right to revise this website subject to further investigation and assessment.

In accordance with Company policy this website has been prepared for the use only of enquirers and should not be relied on for valuations or any other professional report without the prior written approval of “the agent”. We accept no responsibility or liability to any other party who might use or rely upon this website in whole or part of its contents.

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